Lacey Soccer Club
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    Lacey Soccer Club

    meeting at Lacey community hall on 12/14 at 7:30 PM.

  • ***Notice***

    Lacey Soccer Rec/Instructional Season is over. Thank you for a great season.

    Parent Volunteers Needed

    The survival of the Lacey Soccer Club is dependent upon parent volunteers – who do not receive compensation for their work.  For far too long, we have been operating with a very small amount of volunteers who have been assisting the club for years.  We are in desperate need of recruiting new volunteers to help with all aspects of the Lacey Soccer Club – especially with coaching positions.  It seems that many people find it easier to complain about matters, but very few volunteer to make improvements.  We all have lives and jobs outside of soccer, so it is not an excuse to claim you’re “too busy” to help out…we’re all “too busy”.  We do this for our children so that they have a place to play soccer in this town.  So if you are willing to step-up and get involved with making soccer in Lacey better, please contact me at  Thank you!

    Jim Stephens
    President – Lacey Soccer Club
    If you have the availability to coach e-mail

    Thank you to the parents who volunteered to coach the teams.